Have you ever experienced soreness and discomfort in your lower back? If yes, then you might have initially thought that it was just a natural occurrence that comes naturally with age or stress. According to a study conducted by Rubin DI, 80% of the human population is expected to suffer back pain in their lives. However, not only adults experience lumbar sprain or “lower back pain” at some point in their lives, teenagers and the elderly may experience it too.

The lower back is located in the lumbar region of the body. The muscles and ligaments in the lumbar area are responsible for maintaining the posture, maneuvering the body, and supporting the pelvis and lower back. 

When the ligaments in the lumbar area are overly stretched, it may result in pain, discomfort, immobility, and joint instability. That’s why lumbar sprain or commonly known as lower back pain is typically associated with soreness in the lower back. Other than the intense irritations, lumbar sprain also involves swelling and redness in the lower back. 

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lumbar Sprain can be caused by carrying heavy loads, doing extreme sports, toppling hard, and undergoing traumatic accidents. It may just sound like a minor sprain, but it can cause discomfort and severe pain to some.

There are many nonsurgical treatments for a lumbar sprain, but one of the proven and most effective is chiropractic care and treatment from a licensed chiropractor doctor. Licensed chiropractor Dr. Michael Grossman can help provide relief and proper treatment for lumbar sprain and other conditions.

Chiropractic Care and Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic care is a medical treatment centered on manipulating the body to its ideal alignment to alleviate pain and allow the body to heal itself completely. The treatment is primarily effective for lumbar sprain as it helps in untightening stretched ligaments to its normal state.

Chiropractic care and treatment involves the chiropractor diagnosing the condition, explaining the details of the therapy along with its benefits and risks for the patient to have a full grasp of the whole process. 

Chiropractor doctor Dr. Grossman will start with a thorough examination routine (health history checks, physical examinations, and advanced diagnostic testings) to inspect the underlying cause of the sprain and procure a suitable treatment plan for the patient. The treatment is specified following the patient’s medical needs and tolerance. The doctor then proceeds to the actual chiropractic care, which depends on the degree of severity of the patient. 

After the treatment, Dr. Grossman will administer several tests to ensure improvement and healing from lumbar sprain. The therapy sessions may last for weeks, depending on how the patient’s body reacts to the treatment. The chiropractor sees to it that the injury is healing successfully and gives home-care instructions to the patient for a complete recovery. 

For those experiencing difficulties of leaving home, you can opt to do a Telehealth Visit, where you can have a virtual patient consultation and check-up with Dr. Grossman. 

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