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There are many reasons why nutritional supplements are a vital part of any health and wellness plan. They can help address specific health concerns, such as cardiovascular health, joint health, detoxification, or lessen symptoms you’re experiencing from missing nutrients. But when it comes to nutritional supplements, you need to find a trusted brand along with the supplements that your body needs. Learn more about Metagenics and how Metagenics nutritional supplements can help your overall health. Ready to get started with our supplement support? Contact our team at Grossman Chiropractic in San Jose for all of your Metagenics nutritional supplement needs!

The Importance of Vitamins & Minerals for Your Body

From helping heal wounds to supporting your heart health or immune system, vitamins and minerals play an important role for your body. But how does your body get the vitamins and minerals it needs? Your body absorbs vitamins and minerals from the different foods you eat. For example, when you eat a food that is high in vitamin C, like oranges or strawberries, your body absorbs the vitamin C from the food. But when you're lacking in certain areas and not getting key vitamins and minerals from your diet, you can start to experience negative physical effects on your body:
At Grossman Chiropractic, we’ll work with you to better understand the different vitamins and minerals that your body is missing and work to supplement them with the right nutritional supplements.
CoQ10 - 120 SOFTGELS
Benefits of CoQ10 are: Improving heart health, reducing headaches, reducing statin side effects, improve energy levels. CoQ10 ST-100® features a stabilized encapsulation of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) manufactured for stability, purity, and bioavailability. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring substance that is essential for energy production and is of particular importance in supporting cardiovascular health.
CoQ10 has potent antioxidant properties and cell membrane stabilizing effects, and may help maintain healthy blood pressure already in the normal range.
This formula also provides the antioxidant vitamin E.*
Fish Oil

Fish Oil - 60 SOFTGELS
Fish Oil - 120 SOFTGELS
Fish Oil - 240 SOFTGELS
Benefits of Fish Oil are: lower blood pressure, reduce risk of heart attack/stroke, slow plaque development in arteries, reduce triglycerides.

OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 720 features a concentrated, purified source of omega-3 fatty acids from sustainably sourced, coldwater fish. Each softgel provides a total of 430 mg EPA and 290 mg DHA.
All OmegaGenics formulas are tested for purity and quality and stabilized with antioxidants to maintain freshness. Learn more about TruQuality® at

Magnesium Glycinate
Magnesium Glycinate - 120 TABLETS
Magnesium Glycinate - 240 TABLETS
Benefits of Magnesium Glycinate are: muscle relaxation, support a healthy nervous system, improve digestion, improve sleep.
CMag Glycinate features a magnesium amino acid chelate (bis-glycinate) designed to enhance absorption and intestinal tolerance. Unlike other formulations, the magnesium in Mag Glycinate is designed to*:
  • Be absorbed via a mechanism similar to that used by amino acids and unlike typical mineral ion absorption.
  • Not be dependent on stomach acidity for absorption.
  • Improve bowel tolerance to magnesium.
Magnesium is an essential mineral that acts as a cofactor in many metabolic processes. Magnesium supports muscle relaxation and nervous system health.*
Vitamin B-Complex
Vitamin B-Complex - 60 TABLETS
Vitamin B-Complex - 180 TABLETS

Benefits of Vitamin B-Complex: cell health, red blood cell growth, energy levels, good digestion, improve nervous system function.

Glycogenics® is an advanced B-complex formula that features calcium L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate, a nature-identical folate. This innovative formula also provides a balanced blend of other high potency B vitamins and supportive nutrients. B-complex supports healthy homocysteine metabolism, healthy energy metabolism, and a healthy stress response.*

Vitamin D

Vitamin D – 120 SOFTGELS
Benefits of Vitamin D are: good for bone health, good for immune system and nervous system, support heart health and lung health.
D3 5000™ features 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 in easy-to-swallow softgels. This bioavailable form of vitamin D is solubilized in oil to support absorption in the intestinal tract.

What Are Nutritional Supplements?

Sometimes, your body doesn't receive all of the vitamins and minerals it needs from your natural diet. On top of that, certain medical conditions like osteopoosis or anemia (low iron) can cause you to lose essential nutrients quickly or make it harder for your body to absorb those vitamins and minerals in the first place. When you don't eat enough fruits and vegetables or consume a variety of different foods every day, then supplements can help fill the gap. While you can buy nutritional supplements everywhere from a food store to a wellness shop, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right supplements for you and your needs. Metagenics nutritional supplements can make it easy to get the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet — and is brand trusted by Grossman Chiropractic.

Why Choose Metagenics Nutritional Supplements?

Metagenics is a brand of nutritional supplements that we recommend to our Grossman Chiropractic patients. We recommend these supplements because they offer a variety of products that can meet the needs of our patients. They are also a company dedicated to improving people's lives through good nutrition and healthy lifestyles. 

Why You Might Need Nutritional Supplements

As we've talked about, nutritional supplements are used to fill in the gaps that may exist between your diet and your nutritional needs. But if you've never taken nutritional supplements before, you might not be sure if you should be supplementing your diet in the first place. Here are a few reasons it might be time to consider nutritional supplements:


  • You  primarily eat a vegan or vegetarian diet. Even though it's possible to get the nutrients you need from a plant-based diet, proper nutrition can be challenging for vegans and vegetarians because certain vitamins and minerals are only found naturally in animal products.
  • You have a medical condition that affects your nutritional needs. Some conditions can make it difficult for you to absorb certain nutrients or may increase your body's need for specific nutrients. For example, people with celiac disease may not be able to absorb vitamin B12 while people with lower blood pressure may be lacking in vitamin D.
  • You don't eat a balanced diet. Even if you're eating healthy foods, it's still possible to fall short on certain essential nutrients. For example, someone who eats plenty of fruits and vegetables may not be getting enough protein or someone who eats fish but avoids meat may not be getting enough iron and B12.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding. During pregnancy and while breastfeeding, your body needs more of certain nutrients since your body is also providing for another person. For example, breastfeeding women need more vitamin D and calcium.
  • You're over the age of 50. As we get older, our bodies require different nutrients than when we were younger. For example, older adults need more protein to help maintain muscle mass and bone density.
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At Grossman Chiropractic in San Jose, we are excited to offer Metagenics nutritional supplements. If you're not sure where to start or are new to supplements, our highly trained team is here to help you select the right supplements for you and answer any questions you may have. From chiropractic care, laser therapy, and shockwave therapy to providing support for a variety of conditions, schedule an appointment at Grossman Chiropractic today or contact us with any questions you have!

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