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In need of a good massage?

LG Massage Clinic

LG Massage Clinic is located in our office! Schedule your massage today. 

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Lotus Intuitive Bodywork

Massage is the most relaxing way to thank your body for all that it has done. Take the stress off your mind and reset with me. I will customize your self-care session based on your needs. If you are willing, I will help you on your journey to live more at ease.

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Looking to get back into the gym but don’t know where to start?

Here are some of our trusted fitness partners, each of which provide different styles of training. Browse through their information to find which one is your perfect match!

Elliana Pogrebinsky at 49ersFit

“Elliana Pogrebinsky is a former Team USA Ice Dancer who was ranked top 20 in the World alongside her skating partner. They were Two-time Junior U.S Nationals Bronze medalists, 2016 Junior Worlds Pewter medalists, 2016 Ice Dance International Skating Champions, Two-time ISU Challenge Series Tallinn Trophy Bronze medalists, 2017 U.S Nationals Pewter medalists, and 2018 World and Olympic Games Alternates. Since retiring in 2018, Elliana has graduated from the University of San Francisco with a B.S. Degree in Kinesiology. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and has experience in exercise prescription for D1 athletes, amateur athletes, Team USA athletes, and the general population.”

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WarCat Fitness

“Our mission with WARCAT Strength is to provide an environment where your levels of STRENGTH, POWER, and PASSION can be discovered without limits.We want to push you and we want you to push us! Let’s grind and work and have a damn good time doing it. Working out doesn’t need to be black and white.We will train HARDCORE and have FUN. We will grow in STRENGTH and POWER without being INTIMIDATING and ARROGANT. We will discover and live our PASSION without being OBNOXIOUS.”

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Rebel Rise Studios

That phrase is the focal point of our badass mural (shoutout to @j.duh, the talented San Jose artist who painted our masterpiece). We wanted to highlight our motto: it is a mood, a contagious energy, and it is there to inspire you.

We lift weights to get stronger physically (hell yes) but more importantly, to feel
empowered in our work, to set boundaries and to stand up for our beliefs. We flow through our yoga practice to improve flexibility but also to find calm in the chaos, to tune into our needs and own our voices.

We had a BIG dream for Rebel Rise Studios and today our members, the Rebel
Community, make our space more magical than we ever could have imagined. It’s so much more than a gym. We know you'll love Rebel as much as we do. We offer multiple class formats that are each programmed to stabilize, strengthen, and stretch your body. Check out our full class schedule and reserve your spot. Let’s raise hell!”

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Hills Training

Family and pro-MMA athlete-owned Hills training offers a wide variety of training styles. From kickboxing, HIIT classes, strike classes, boxing/MMA training for all ages. They offer youth classes, adult classes, personal or group training to suite all your needs!

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Cordero BJJ

In 2007 the Cordero family opened The Fightshop/Westpoint MMA. Lawrence Sr. along with sons Lawrence Jr. and Josh ran the academy with combined 20+ years of experience. In the summer of 2017 The Fightshop/Westpoint MMA was converted to Cordero Martial Arts and is now run by Head black belt Instructor Josh Cordero alongside his father Lawrence Sr. and his brother Lawrence Jr. The majority of the classes taught at Cordero Martial Arts are traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, however, they also offer no Gi, kickboxing, wrestling and judo for adults and children. The academy prides itself in providing a friendly, safe and family oriented environment that offers hard-nose competition style training as well as practical training. Whether you are looking to train for fitness or engage in competition, we looking forward to building new relationships and meeting you.

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WarFitness Bay Area

The motto “ALL PAIN AND MENTAL TOUGHNESS” Veteran-owned offers personal training or group classes. Classes focus on HIIT workouts, boxing training, and strength training for all ages and beginners to advanced workout classes!

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Sculpt50 focuses on the Lagree Fitness Method™ which utilizes the Megaformer™ that works your entire body in a session. Whether you’re just starting out or super fit, our expert instructors will guide you through a super fun yet challenging session. Come and experience why celebrities and athletes love The Lagree Fitness Method™. Come and get stronger, get sleeker, and get sculpted with us.

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Finding the right supplements and nutrition plan is an essential part of your health and fitness journey that often gets overlooked. Check out our connections to find out what you may be missing!

Nutrition Palace

“Nutrition Palace not only carries the top-notch and high-quality supplements available in today’s market but we take time to listen to your goals and needs and can make educated recommendations to take your health and fitness to the next level. We also carry a wide variety of sports apparel that you can come in and try on and know the proper sizing and quality, rather than just blindly buying online and having to return. Our main goal is to make you feel heard, and work in conjunction with your lifestyle to find solutions and programs that you can easily stick with.” 

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