Millions of Americans suffer from excruciating neck and back pain, which is often caused by issues like herniated disks. The strain we put on our bodies from day-to-day tasks eventually takes its toll. Sometimes, the pain becomes unbearable, making it necessary to find relief quickly. Hot laser therapy is an excellent solution, for a number of reasons. At Grossman Chiropractic, we aim to take your treatment one step further by providing relief and a game plan for total recovery.

What Is Hot Laser Therapy?

Hot laser therapy is a treatment that utilizes a light to shine on the problematic pain areas. This works because the light stimulates the cells, encouraging them to grow or repair. Old wounds and impact from previous surgeries are also positively affected by hot laser therapy. The comprehensive approach to treatment paves the way for several different issues to be helped at once.

Hot Versus Cold Laser Therapy.

Hot and cold laser therapy offer different benefits. Cold laser therapy does not penetrate the skin as deeply as cold laser therapy. This makes it more difficult to reach more pain points, since the goal is to ultimately alleviate any and all stressors to your neck and back. Cold laser therapy works in situations that are less complex, or back issues that are less severe.

Benefits of Hot Laser Therapy.

Hot laser therapy is wonderful because it is customizable. Your experience will vary based upon your specific needs. For example, patients with chronic pain will be pleased to know that they can still find relief with hot laser therapy. Also, this is one of the few treatments of its kind that offers relief without harsh side effects after pain reduction and lowered inflammation. Finally, hot laser therapy feels great because it is so relaxing!

Hot Laser Therapy At Grossman Chiropractic.

Hot laser therapy by Dr. Michael Grossman will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated. He doesn’t just scratch the surface; Dr. Grossman tackles each patient’s case with the attention it deserves, curating a strategic plan for long-term success. With your back and neck, several factors must be considered, making the creation of a treatment plan a unique task. After hot laser therapy at Grossman Chiropractic, expect to feel brand new.

Regardless of how long you’ve been plagued by back and neck pain, you deserve relief. Everyone deserves to feel flexible, confident, and pain-free. Issues in the back and neck can escalate quickly, causing bigger problems as you age. It’s best to tackle these problems head-on, when you first catch them, so that you can live freely in the future. If you’re ready to alleviate your back and neck pain, make an appointment at Grossman Chiropractic today!

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